Are Getting a Good Deal on Your Dental Care?

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There are many considerations that go into the cost of your dental care. We won’t get into those details here, but how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Price is only part of it. Here are seven signs you’re receiving value for your investment:

  1. Your dentist spends time with you in discovery to understand and discuss your oral health condition as well as your general health.
  2. Your dentist gives you options to consider, which encompass the risks and benefits of all options, including your financial obligation.
  3. Your dentist helps you find a path that is consistent with your goals and your budget.
  4. Your dentist is never offended if you wish to seek a second opinion.
  5. Your dentist provides a pain free experience.
  6. Your dentist explains your expected outcomes.
  7. You are able to reach your dentist, or a covering dentist, if you need help after office hours.

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