Breastfeeding is Good

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I think everybody can agree that if a mother is able, breastfeeding is a wonderful health benefit for the baby. Breastfeeding also helps the baby’s face and mouth to develop in the ideal proportions. Unlike bottle-feeding, which only requires the baby to stop the flow of fluid by pushing the tongue to the front of the mouth (tongue thrust) against the nipple, breastfeeding requires a lot of muscle action. With breastfeeding, the muscles of the face and jaws work together to draw the breast milk into the mouth. This action helps with the development of the jaws and the sinus cavities. A recent article from the Univ. of Florida, in the journal “Pediatrics,” reports that between 40,000 and 100,000 babies annually in the US are born “tongue tied” (they can’t lift their tongue’s well). This should be corrected by safely “snipping” under the tongue as soon after birth as possible. Not only will it help with breastfeeding, correcting this will help avoid speech therapy later!!