How to Decide What is Safe

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How do you decide what is safe in exposure to plastics? I would consider the following questions when you decide what is safe for you and your family.
1. How toxic are the chemicals released from the plastic?
2. How much of the chemicals are you exposed to?
3. How often are you exposed to the chemicals?
4. Do the chemicals stay in your body or do they pass through?
5. Are there reasonable options if you want to avoid the chemicals (what is the risk versus the benefit)?
Here is how I would answer the above questions for my car: I would guess there is low toxic risk in a new car, with more exposure early on, and I believe there are no chemicals that stay in your body long term. If I knew the chemicals in a new car were particularly toxic, I would buy a used car or drive my new car with the windows down for a while…that is if I do not mind breathing in all of the exhaust from other cars. To be continued.