Pumping too much Iron

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We see quite a few patients who have the urge to chew ice (pica), which is destructive to the teeth but also can indicate a mineral nutritional deficiency. This is most commonly related to iron deficiency anemia. The NutritionFacts.org web site (Michael Greger, MD), had an interesting post about the delicate balance of iron in our bodies. Too little iron can make you weak and tired; too much iron acts as a pro-oxidant (opposite of anti-oxidant), which may increase cancer risk. Iron supplements are difficult for the body to regulate and should be monitored closely by your physician. Alternatively, chick peas and pumpkin seeds are iron dense and easier for your body to regulate. If you have iron deficiency anemia, try eating chick peas and pumpkin seeds in your diet, as well as vitamin C rich citrus fruits, broccoli and bell peppers, which help with absorption; and allow your physician to monitor your condition.