Toothpaste and Asthma

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A few patients have asked me about the connection between toothpaste and improving asthma symptoms. This is very interesting and appeared the weekly newspaper column “The People’s Pharmacy:” “Potassium nitrate, also known as saltpeter, was once prescribed for arthritis as well as asthma. Today it is employed as a preservative for cured meat and is the active ingredient in desensitizing dentifrice, including Crest Sensitivity Toothpaste. Another listener heard the same call and has this report: “I also bought the Crest Sensitivity toothpaste and noticed immediate results. Previously, I needed my inhaler anytime I brushed my teeth. It’s been three days using the Crest, and I haven’t needed the inhaler at all.” Do not stop your asthma medicine, but we are fascinated that switching toothpaste might help some people with their wheezing symptoms.” The web site is: