I’m sooo tired

This is the third installation of information that may help you understand why you don't feel as well as you think you should. Read the first two, on Sleep Apnea and Medications. Like sleep apnea, anemia can lead to a less than ideal level of oxygen available to your body. Anemia is a condition where your red blood cells are... read more »

There’s a reason you’re feeling tired all the time

Feeling exhausted all the time? Suffering from headaches or even migraines? Sleep apnea, the condition where interrupted breathing during sleep reduces the amount of oxygen available to your body, can negatively impact all body functions. Many people are aroused from sleep hundreds of times during the night due to disruptive breathing and are completely unaware of this in the morning.... read more »

Not feeling well, but not actually ill?

So you have frequent headaches, are always kind of tired, your mouth burns at times, your tongue feels funny or burns at times, your muscles are sore, your joints ache, your gums never had bleeding before but now they do, you just don’t feel right? You went to your doctor who did a lot of tests and your doctor ruled... read more »

Feeling like you could chew nails?

Or ice? Maybe it's an iron deficiency. It's not uncommon for patients to confess to their dentists the urge to chew ice. This is really bad for your teeth, but also can indicate an iron deficiency. Two studies published in “Science Daily” report the importance of dietary iron for people of all ages. Without the proper amount of iron, your... read more »

Your fillings may contain mercury. Are they really safe?

In a word, yes. People are sometimes concerned about the mercury present in silver amalgam dental fillings, particularly if they have old fillings that are breaking down. First a little background: mercury is a metal that is liquid at room temperature. Until recent years almost all thermometers had mercury in them, as well as many types of switches. Today, most... read more »

Avoid a vacation toothache

With Summer vacation time coming, travel plans are coming together. We suggest a trip to your dentist before you go may need to be part of your plan. Air travel can stimulate pain in teeth with faulty dental restorations and cavities (noted 30% of the time) and root canal problems (also noted about 30% of the time), according to a report... read more »

Gum disease-diabetes link

A study in The Cochrane Library led by researchers at the University of Edinburgh has pointed out a yet another reason for those with Type 2 diabetes to regularly see their dentist. Their study suggests that the treatment of serious gum (periodontal) disease in diabetics with Type 2 diabetes may lower their blood sugar levels. Current thinking is that, when... read more »

Waking up feeling tired?

Many people are aroused from sleep hundreds of times during the night due to sleep apnea (disruptive breathing) and are completely unaware of this in the morning. You have to be awake for 6 seconds before you realize and have memory that you were actually awake. Research presented at the 52nd annual meeting in June of the American Headache Society... read more »

People Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity Advised To Visit Dentist

People who are suffering from tooth sensitivity issues should visit their dentist immediately, who can establish a treatment and prevention plan. The pain is likely caused by issues with the tooth enamel, as it is worn away by things such as sodas, sports and energy drinks, and wine due to their acidity, KYTX reports. Moreover, enamel can be damaged by... read more »

Study: C. Diff Spreading Outside Of Hospitals

NBC News reports that “more than 450,000 Americans” are infected by “the deadly bug Clostridium difficile each year, according to a new report” published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study cites antibiotic overuse as a primary “driver” of C. diff infection, and “showed people are not just getting infected in hospitals,” as infections have stemmed from... read more »