Dr. Guy G. Levy, Dr. George Michos and the team at Levy Dental Group take infection control very seriously and go above and beyond to help ensure your safety and health. At our office, we use the O-So Pure ultraviolet water purification system in Yorktown, Virginia, to keep every part of your visit as hygienic as possible. To learn more about how we use this technology to safeguard your health, call our office at 757-877-9281.

While dental offices across the world have made changes to their offices to prevent the spread of viruses and disease, one of the most-overlooked areas is the water that is used in dental treatments. The O-So Pure system not only filters the water we use during treatment, but it also employs ultraviolet light to help ensure that the water is as safe as it can be. The ultraviolet light attacks any harmful pathogens in the water at the genetic level and can be effective at removing as much as 99% of any harmful organisms. This system requires no chemicals, so it is completely safe and can even improve the taste of water!

This is system is just one way our dentists and team can make every visit to our office a safe one and we invite you to call us today for more information.