Not everyone is comfortable with visiting the dentist, even if it is just for a regular cleaning. The sounds and sensations of dental equipment can put some people off. Our dentists, Dr. Guy G. Levy and Dr. George Michos, and our team want your appointment at Levy Dental Group to be as easy and comfortable as possible. One way we do this is by using the Piezo electric generator tooth cleaning system in Yorktown, Virginia. If you want a faster and easier appointment, call 757-877-9281 today to schedule your cleaning with our dentists.

Unlike traditional tooth cleaning technology, the Piezo system is powered by electricity. The Piezo cleaner can quickly and effectively remove plaque and tartar, even just below the gumline, which is important for preventing or addressing periodontal disease. The system also takes much less time and produces less noise and lower vibrations than handpieces used in the past, improving the patient experience at our office. The Piezo system can also be used in other treatments, making many parts of your visit more comfortable.

We invite you to call our office today for more information and to meet with our dentists.