Hints for the Holidays

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Do you have trouble restraining from the onslaught of rich foods and drinks we typically enjoy during the Holiday season, which kicks off in a few days? For those of us who over indulge, it can be tough on your whole body, including your teeth. Here are a few thoughts which may help:
1. If you are going to graze, first graze on the fruits and veggies and save the sweets as a special treat at the end.
2. Take small portions and eat slowly. Try to talk (or listen) a lot between each bite.
3. Try not to go back for seconds until you have rested for a while and allowed your brain to catch up with the contents of your stomach.
4. Before you have seconds, try to go out for a stroll.
5. If you take a dessert, share it with a friend…fruit is the best dessert.
6. Drink a lot of water and avoid sodas.
7. Allow your food to digest before you go to bed to avoid gastric reflux.
8. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.